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Bafu Consultant Co. and Bafu Engineering Co., Ltd. is a one-stop solution provider offering a wide gamut of design and construction services ranging from designing and supplying security system to fitting home and office furniture. Bafu is specialized in providing premium quality and functional design to both office and retail customers.
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About Bafu

We are a specialist and pioneer in the fields of interior design. We are earning a high reputation and forging long-term relationships with our clients, to whom we extend our sincere thanks for their trust and support.

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Our Philosophy

Each project is tailored to its own particular circumstances and functional requirements are carefully analyzed to provide optimal balance between economics and aesthetics. The unique character of every job is fully expressed through design vision and in this we have the advantage of experience in working with light and space. Adherence to conventions should not be allowed to hinder the creative process, where bold concepts can make the difference in matching space with style.

About Us

It is a one-stop service interior design and engineering contractor. From designing to computer, telephone, video and security systems, office furniture, etc., we will provide one-stop management and services to our customers, eliminating the need for The decoration project encountered unnecessary troubles. We are dedicated to provide high-quality and practical interior design and project contracting services for all types of office buildings and retail stores.

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Our Client

We focus our efforts on providing high-quality and tailor-made fixtures and furnishing solutions such as display counters and showcases. Our projects include flagship stores, in-shop counters, franchise boutiques and interior design schemes for commercial premises. Moreover, we offer our clients the ability to manufacture standardized assembly parts for their display counters and cabinets for delivery to their outlets around the globe to ensure a uniform worldwide shop image.